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Susan Ann Pie'
Minister, Universal Brotherhood  Movement
Conscious Channel for Spirit
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An Oasis for the Seeker 
Many are interested in connecting to Spirit, to enhance and enrich both their healing arts practices and their personal lives. I am deeply gratified people want to connect and create community through the process of meditation and discussion of higher wisdom. Now more than ever, we can all appreciate the importance of being personally clear and accountable in all we do. 

The common thread within my work is a loving relationship with Spirit and all the guides and friends working together for the highest good. As your NJ Psychic I look to work together to weave a unique tapestry of support for you - whether you are called to receive inspirational guidance, spiritual mentorship, esoteric healing relief - or healing for your home or office - or pets!  

​​Are you looking for deeper insight and understanding?

Do you experience energetic challenges to your physical body?  

Are you tired of behaviors and patterns that bind, block or limit you?

Is your home or office energetically supportive of you?

Are you living in harmony with your psychic or intuitive sensitivities?

Are you awakening to new knowledge and wisdom and want to know how to incorporate the higher mind into your life?   

​Please contact me and let's get started ... your inner wisdom has brought you here- your guides believe in you- and so do I!