Spiritfriend Healing Arts
Supporting Your Path to Growth Since 1994
Susan Ann Pie'

B. Div. , Conscious Channel for Spirit

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An Oasis for the Seeker ...
Supporting Your Transformation!
Many are interested in connecting to Spirit, to enhance and enrich both their healing arts practices and their personal lives. I am deeply gratified people want to connect and create community through the process of meditation and discussion of higher wisdom. Now more than ever, we can all appreciate the importance of being personally clear and accountable in all we do. 

The common thread within my work is a loving relationship with Spirit.   Together, we weave a unique tapestry of support  for you. 

Please contact me and let's get started ... your ​inner wisdom has brought you here - Spirit believes in you - and so do I!

​​Are you awakening to new knowledge and wisdom and want to know how to incorporate the higher mind into your life? 

Is your physical body aligned to the higher frequencies taking us into the new paradigm? 

Do you resonate with the joy and happiness you so richly deserve?

Do you find that no matter how hard you try, you can't seem to break patterns of behavior or thought?  

Are you plagued by self-limiting restrictions from which you are seemingly unable to break free?

Is your home or office energetically supportive of you?